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Arts Administration Program

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The program in Arts Administration encourages integration of all the arts and education, while focusing on the educational role of the artist, and the missions and activities of arts and cultural agencies, collectives, and institutions.

The program reflects the conviction that the management of cultural institutions and enterprises is a profession that requires both creativity and commitment and that, at its best, the profession has a positive impact on the quality of artistic life. Arts Administration is organized in conjunction with the programs in Arts and Humanities education, further reflecting the importance of the basic educational role, mission, and activities of the arts in both profit and nonprofit sectors.

In order to respond to the challenge and responsibility of the arts at the start of the twenty-first century, the arts manager must have an amalgam of managerial and financial skills, a knowledge of pertinent artistic disciplines, an awareness of community dynamics, a commitment to education in its broadest sense, and a sensitivity to the artist and the artistic process. The essence of the program lies in its effort to provide a carefully constructed core curriculum while making available the extraordinary range of intellectual and cultural resources of the College, the University, and New York City.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • train new leaders to manage and administer arts and cultural venues;
  • raise standards of arts administration to a new level of social responsibility;
  • broaden the horizons of arts educators, facilitating their interactions with the arts community;
  • give arts educators new management and administrative tools;
  • strengthen advocacy roles for artists; and
  • provide theoretical and practical preparation for students whose professional objective is a career in arts administration, arts education, or a combination of the two.